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"Leo is stealing from prams again. Goddamn it."

Okay, so these aren't new fic, really. But I forgot to post them a long time ago on this community, so while most of you have seen them in my personal livejournal or the TMNT slash community, I need to get them up since I've got more fic coming soon that deals with the same timeline.

Sorry for the troubles. <3 Also coming up soon: discussion of the sequel!

Fandom: TMNT
Rating: PG
Pairing: Miller and Leo friendship (pre-slash?)
Summary: A short piece about how it all begins. A partnership that benefits them both, but also later a friendship.

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Fandom: TMNT
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Miller/Leo pre-slash
Summary: [For 1sentence] Over the span of eighteen months, Miller gets to know Leo better. He might be getting in over his head, though.

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Fandom: TMNT
Rating: PG
Pairing: Miller and Leo friendship
Summary: [Post!A Strange Partnership] Now that the brothers know, Leo considers his next step. Miller makes pancakes.

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The next fics will involve exploring Miller's character further (I'm still honing his voice, I'll admit, and having a hard time doing it) and his relationship with Leo. Because... you think I can stop now? Hells no. XD
BUNNY - me and Lavi! XD

Fic - TMNT- The Hamato/Whitmire comedy hour

Fandom: TMNT-FRAGMENT'verse
Rating: R - words and situations
Genre: 1 sentence set
Summary: 50 sentences dealing with the many levels of Raph and Paul ....

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>_> ... I uh ... didn't actually JOIN the 1sentece comm to do this ... cuz I figured they'd probably be all "WHO TEH FCUK is Paul Whitmire??? O_o??" I hope I do not offend or upset anyone by this... heh... *hugs*?
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The Fragment 'Verse - Its Origins and Reasoning

So here's the hugeass post of what Fragment Verse is, where it came from, and what Kay thinks about it. Naturally, this is in hopes that other people will post what they enjoy or theorize about it. <3

First of all, to know who Gordon Miller is, you have to have read Tales of TMNT, Issue 36. It is the only issue in which Miller appears. (Though, I'm planning to write to the writer and artist of this issue and beg for more.) Since I want to write oodles of fanfic involving them (because I'm a dork), I had to do something to get people to see it. So I uploaded the comic for everyone:

Tales of TMNT - Issue 36

Now, here's the deal. I only did that because I want to share the love that is Tristin Jones and Paul Harmon's work. They are new to the comics, but the art is gorgeous, everything I wanted from the turtles, and the story is awesome in my opinion, simple as it appears. It deals with the aftermath of my favorite City of War arc. This being said, I am encouraging people to buy this issue. It's freakin' fantastic. I love it. The scans? Pale in comparison to the awesomeness that is this issue. BUY IT.

Now. For those who can't download or don't know the backstory, anyway, here's a bit of stuff:

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Whew. Will upload fic, icons, ect later to get the comm really up and buzzing, but we already have one fanfic-- go read it and comment, zomg, great love-- and things are looking bright. Welcome again!
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Fragment 'Verse is born!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Fragment 'Verse's grand opening post!

Won't be doing much for it except to welcome everyone who might show up and to tell you that I'll be making a large post, that I will link on the profile in the future, with an in-depth summary of Tales of TMNT - Issue 36, as well as some details about Fragment 'Verse some people might want to know. (There may even be... shhh... scans.)


In the meantime, I decree this community able for sea! *smashes with wine bottle*

Please thank bunnymaccool for her awesome work in making the layout, pics, and righting the colors for the whole community. She's made of hardcore win. ♥