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fragment_verse's Journal

Fragment-verse TMNT
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Based around the characters from Tales of the TMNT # 36 ... yup ... one issue ... whole community
"A fragment of carapace found at the scene..."

Welcome! You've reached Fragment 'Verse, the livejournal community devoted to a single issue in Tales of TMNT and the AU that spawned from it!

Don't worry if it sounds confusing. It's much simpler than it sounds.

It all began with the comic book, Tales of TMNT: Issue 36, story by Tristan Jones and art by Paul Harmon. In this issue, we find a tale that began almost a year after the end of Mirage's TMNT: Volume One's "City at War" arc. From the point of view of officer Gordon Miller, lieutenant in the Organized Crime Investigation Division of the N.Y.P.D., we see the aftermath of the battle between Karai and her new allies (the turtles) and the renegade Foot members still loyal to Shredder. Despite being months later, small groups of rebel Foot who refuse to follow Karai are still slinking about the city.

The comic deals with Leo, Raph, and Mike attempting to clean up the mess left over from their decision, taking out renegade Foot members in bleak alleyways and leaving real messes (and mysteries) for Gordon Miller and his partner Paul Whitmire to clean up. It all escalates until Miller and Paul find one of Karai's men, a spy that worked his way into the renegade Foot group, and bring him in for questioning. Immediately the renegade Foot attacks and lays siege to the building. Only the TMNT boys' interference saves Miller and Paul's lives, after a dark battle to escape.

Afterwards, Miller meets up with Leo to hear their history, and they end up striking a deal. The turtles keep on doing their best to take down the Foot. Miller will do all he can from his side of the law and make sure the boys never have to worry about the police again.

Thus the single issue, and the only appearances of Miller and Paul, comes to an end.


"Fragment 'Verse" refers to the fragments of carapace Miller and Paul find at the crime scenes belonging to the turtles. It also refers to the Alternative Universe kay_cricketed and bunnymaccool created in its wake. What if...? What if Miller and Leo's deal was more than just one meeting? What if it turned into a partnership, an arrangement beneficial to their goal to take down the Foot? What if they worked together from either end? What if eventually their friendship, in the course of a few years, would eventually become rooted in an even deeper affection? And the turtles found two new human friends to add to their makeshift family as the city rebuilt itself?

That's what Fragment 'Verse is all about, ladies and gents. Miller/Leo and Raph/Paul (which means, yes, relationships between turtles and male humans). This is any incarnation of them, though; friendship, single-character driven studies, even romance as far as you want it. We'll all have different opinions on how the relationships play out, where they'll go-- so respect those differences. ♥ Fragment 'Verse is for everyone's love, not just ours.

This being said, please join! Join and post all you want, so long as it has something to do, even indirectly, with Fragment Verse or the comic that spawned it. We are so pleased to have you! :)

For an even longer-winded explanation of the events of Issue 36 (plus scans, shhh), take a look at the opening post where the comic is summarized and then expanded on. More will most likely follow from other members, but it's a good place to start.

Our lovely layout is designed by the ever-talented bunnymaccool, along with our main userpic. If you're wondering who these guys are, manipped with our boys Leo and Raph, look no further. When we were searching for a good Miller and Paul from celebrity photos, we eventually decided Hugh Jackman in glasses made a disturbingly awesome Miller, dark hair aside, and Ewan McGregor was Paul Whitmire, hands down. The photo's from The Tourist (never saw it) and it just... clicked. You are naturally free to pick whatever images of these guys you want... XD We just like this one. And Miss Bunny does it so well.

Now for the few rules-ish things.

1.) Be respectful of other members. We're all here to have fun. <3 If we find real hostility brewing, we won't hesitate to lay the smackdown on y'all.

2.) All fanfic/fanart/ect that is rated Mature or NC-17 must be placed under a friends lock so that only community members can see it. There will be things meant for ages above 18, I suspect, so by doing this we can enjoy your work and still won't be in danger of... er, stuff. (Plus, more incentive for people to join. JOIN, we say.)

3. Post all the fanfic/fanart/ect that you like, so long as its at least somewhat to do with Fragment 'Verse or characters from it. When you do so, please put it under a lj-cut and with at least a rating posted before said cut. The heading before the lj-cut should look at least somewhat like this:

Pairing: (if you want)

You don't have to do it exactly like that, but it might help get readers. A rating is definitely required for anything PG-13ish and up.

4.) ZOMG YOU MUST TOLERATE YOUR MODS, bunnymaccool and kay_cricketed or we will make Leo cry. WE'LL DO IT ANYWAY, BUT YES.

This being said, join up! And thank you so much! If you have any questions, feel free to email any of us.

kay_cricketed at meloinstasis@yahoo.com
bunnymaccool at bunnymaccool@yahoo.com

Again, we welcome you! <3
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